How to convert MP4 to Blu Ray and burn it to a disc quickly & easily - A step by step tutorial

This brief blog post will teach you exactly how to convert MP4 to Blu-ray disc to play in a Blu-ray player.  This task is very easy so long as you follow exactly the step by step instructions listed below.

Step 1:  Download and install the MP4 to Blu-ray converter.
(Note: be sure to read my review of this MP4 to Blu-ray converter before you leave this website.)

Step 2:  Start the video converting software

Step 3:  Select the "Formats" tab and then click the "Browse..." button to manually search for the MP4 file that is to be converted to Blu Ray (see the image below)

Step 4:  Select the "To Blu-ray"  thumbnail (see image below)

Step 5:  Select a suitable "Profile" for your Blu Ray disk e.g. Full HD or HD Ready are options for your Blu Ray disk (see image below)

Step 6: Insert a blank Blu Ray disc into your Blu Ray drive

Step 7:  Click the "Convert Now!" button and wait for the MP4 file to decomposed into its audio and visual files (it's these files that will be burnt onto a blank Blu Ray disk at a later step)

Step 8:  Click the "Burn to Disc..." button (see image below)

Step 9:  Click the "Start Burning!" button (see image below) and wait for the audio and visual files, mentioned in Step 7, to be burnt onto your blank Blu Ray disk

And that's it, that's how to convert MP4 to Blu-ray.  I hope that this tutorial has helped you.  Don't forget to download your own copy of the MP4 to Blu-ray converter that I used in this tutorial.

Also be sure to read my review of this MP4 to Blu-ray converter.

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