Allavsoft Review 2021 - Everything you need to know about Allavsoft

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Allavsoft’s software is the one stop shop for all your video/song downloading & converting needs.  Download all your favourite videos/songs from the top video streaming sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook & Vimeo (and many more) and all your favourite songs from music streaming sites like Spotify & Deezer (& many more).  Allavsoft can also convert or merge any video/audio file type into any other video/audio file type very easily & quickly.  This software is available for both Windows PC and Mac users


Hello and thanks for taking the time to stop by to read my personal review of Allavsoft.  I most probably don’t know you personally and probably haven’t ever met you before so if you would like to introduce yourself in the comments section below this post that would great and also if you have any questions at all then please ask and I will answer them promptly.  My intention with this blog post is intend to explain all the features of Allavsoft and also give my own opinion of the software and how it will benefit you and how it could save you hundreds of dollars/euro/pounds every year.  There is a free trial available and all purchases come with a “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

  1. My Story – How I stumbled upon Allavsoft
  2. Benefits of Allavsoft software
  3. How to use Allavsoft software
  4. Pros & Cons
  5. Final verdict
  6. 10% discount
  7. System Requirements

1. My story – How I stumbled upon Allavsoft

I first came across Allavsoft about a month ago when I had a whole pile of movie files (.mov), that I had taken with my digital camera, which I needed to convert to .mp4.  These were for YouTube and they recommend uploading in .mp4 format.  I had scores of videos to upload!  So, I asked my friend who, by the way, is a hardcore tech guy, if he knew how to do this quickly.  He sent me a link to the Allavsoft website and said that this software would quickly do the job for me and as a bonus the software could download videos from any video streaming site & songs from any music streaming site anywhere on the internet.  So, I downloaded it and installed it and it worked brilliantly!

2. Benefits of owning Allavsoft

The benefits of owning Allavsoft’s software are many.  The video/audio converting feature is very useful in its own right but it is the ability of the software to download any video or any song from any music streaming site is why I continue to use Allavsoft every day.  I used to pay ~$120 per year for YouTube Premium and then another $120 per year for Spotify Premium, which totals ~$240 per year!!  So I thought screw this and I bought the lifetime license which cost only $59.99 (less expensive licenses are available), which will save me ~$180 dollars per year.  It could very well save you money too.  I certainly have better ways of spending $180 rather than fork it over to companies like Google and Spotify who are already worth billions & billions of dollars.  (For your information, there is a free trial available but it is limited to only download 5 downloads, which is ok as it will give you a taste of what the software is capable of)

Below I have listed all the main benefits of owning Allavsoft:

  • Rip music from any video on any video sharing site and save the song as an MP3, WMA, FLAC or any other popular audio format
  • Batch rip music from videos on any video sharing site
  • Download and convert any video (in HD or lesser quality) from any video sharing website e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitch, Instagram, Yahoo Videos, Facebook, eHow, Udemy, Lynda, Veoh, Break, Byte, LBRY and 100 more
  • Batch download & convert videos (in HD or lesser quality) from any video sharing site
  • Download and convert any song from any music streaming sites e.g. Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Last FM, AccuRadio, Soundcloud, ShoutCast, iHeartRadio and many more
  • Batch download & convert songs from any music streaming site
  • Convert video, in any video format, to a video (or audio) in any other video (or audio) format
  • Merge videos/audio files into one video or audio file

Get your own copy here ►

3. How to use Allavsoft software

In this section of the review I will give a very brief run down on how to use the main features of the software.  Don’t worry, it is very simple to use the software, just a few clicks usually.

How to download a video/song

Below is a snapshot of the software interface which appears when you run the software.

  1. This is where you paste your video/song link e.g. YouTube video URL or Spotify song/playlist link
  2. When you have decided where you want your download to be saved on your harddrive/USB click the download button and that’s it!

You have some other options:
  • If you want to download multiple songs videos then click the “For multiple URLs” button and paste the video/song links one underneath the other.  The software will then download the videos/songs in the order in which they were pasted.
  • Download quality – If you choose the default “Best available” option then the best available quality of the video/song will be downloaded e.g. if 1080p is the highest quality available of the YT video you want to download then the software will download the 1080p version.
  • Conversion quality – When the video/song has been downloaded then the software will automatically convert it to your desired video/audio file format at a particular quality assigned by you.

Converting video/audio files

This is the feature which made me download Allavsoft’s software in the first place.
  1. Browse for the file that you want to convert
  2. Select the output format
  3. Select the conversion quality
  4. Click the convert button

Note: The converted file will be saved to the same location as the original file.

Merging video/audio files

This feature will allow you to merge multiple video or audio files together into a single video or audio file.

Below is a snapshot of the “Merge” tab.  As you can read below you may add as many files as you like and delete ones of the list if you change your mind.  The software will merge the listed files into any video/audio format you like.  Note the merged file will be of the same quality as the lowest quality file.  For example if you want to merge 5 videos that are at 1080p and 1 video that is at 720p then the merged video will be at 720p.  Just something to keep in mind.

You just add the files that you want to merge in the order that you want and click the blue "Merge" button and then wait.  Simple!

Screen recording

This feature will allow you to drag a box around whatever you want to record yourself doing on your computer.  For example if you want to record a software tutorial.  This feature is very basic compared to other screen recorders available.  You just drag a box around the area you want to record and press “REC

Pros & Cons

In this section of the review I will tell you what I love about the software and also what I don’t like.

  • Quick to download, install and run
  • Free trial available (albeit for 5 downloads)
  • Very reasonably priced at $29.99 for a 6 month license, $39.99 for an annual license and $19.99 for a monthly license. And these are licenses for up to 2 PCs/Macs.  So you could use one license and give a license to another person!
  • No questions asked money back guarantee
  • Multifunctional software – Saves buying separate video/audio downloader/converter/merger
  • Great all-round video/song downloader, converter, merger which is priced very reasonably.  If you were to buy a separate piece of software for that could perform each of the mentioned features it would cost a hell of a lot more than Allavsoft.
  • Very easy & intuitive to use.  Anybody with even basic computer knowledge will be able to use this without any difficulty.
  • Doesn’t require much in the way of computing power or hard drive space.

  • Sometimes the software takes a long time to start downloading the desired video/song.  It usually starts working instantly but very rarely it gets “jammed” may take a minute to start downloading. But at the same time I’m not 100% sure if this has anything to do with the software or other external factors as in issues with the websites it is downloading from.
  • The screen recording feature leaves a lot to be desired.  It records the screen well but doesn’t allow you to directly modify the aspect ratio of the recording area.  So if you want a 16:9 ratio video you have to guess the shape!  It is a feature but a pretty much useless one if you want to record in HD at a certain aspect ratio.  Just seems like an afterthought to me.

Final verdict

I recommend this software to anybody who is sick of paying expensive monthly subscription fees to multi-billion dollar corporations.  The software is completely legal and is inexpensive to purchase.  I fully intend to keep using this software in the near and far future.  I am lucky to have stumbled across it and have not regeretted my purchase in any way.

I highly recommend that you at least take advantage of the free trial that is on offer so that you can see how useful it is and how easy it is to operate.

10% Discount
At the start of this review I promised a 10% discount but I have been able to find a 30% off coupon that you can use!! (edit Nov '20)
When you have downloaded the software, through using any of the links in the review above, run the software.  Then, click "Help" then "Buy" and then you will be brought to the allavsoft website order page.  Then use the 30% off coupon code to redeem your discont.  So, the license that would have cost you $39.99  would then only cost you $27.99!  A saving of $12.00!  The license that would have cost you $29.99 would now only cost you $20.99.  A saving of $9.00! And finally, the license that would cost $19.99 would now only only cost you $13.99.  A saving of $6.00.  And remember that any purchase provides you with two licenses so you may split the purchase cost with a friend!

30% off coupon:   30%OffInSpecial

OK, this is the end of the review.  Thanks and I hope this review has cleared everything up for you and that yopu are not fully aware of all that Allavsoft has to offer you.   If you have any questions at all then ask them in the comments below.


Minimum System Requirements

Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, or Windows® 10
1GHz Intel®/AMD processor or above
512MB RAM or more
31MB free hard disk space for installation
Super VGA (800 x 600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher

Mac OS:
Mac OS X v10.4(Tiger), 10.5(Leopard), 10.6(Snow Leopard), 10.7(Lion), 10.8(Mountain Lion), 10.9(Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.12(macOS Sierra), 10.13(macOS High Sierra), and 10.14(macOS Mojave);
PowerPC® G5 or Intel® processor;
512MB RAM or more;
50MB free hard disk space for installation;
Super VGA (800 x 600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher


  1. i have a question can i download country restricted videos too.Actually i like dramas a lot and i watch often but some are restricted in my country so what do you say.