Tuesday, March 5, 2019

How to download ANY Deezer song and save it as an MP3 file

This brief tutorial will teach you exactly how to download ANY Deezer song(s) and convert it to an MP3 or to any other audio file type.

For this you will need
  1. A Deezer track URL
  2. An internet connection
  3. The free "Deezer to MP3" downloader software.  Mac users click here.  PC/laptop users click here.

The "Deezer to MP3" downloader is a very robust piece of software that can download videos from any video/music  streaming/sharing site and convert them to any common video or audio file format.

Step 1: Either visit Deezer.com or launch the Deezer app on your desktop and log in.

Step 2:  Find the song you want to download and click the "View menu" button (3 dots button).  See the image below.

Step 3:  After clicking the "View menu" button a drop up menu will appear.  Now click the "Share" button.  See the image below.

Step 4:  On the window that opens up click the "Copy" button to copy the track URL.  See the image below.

Step 5:  Launch the free "Deezer to MP3" downloader software.  Windows users click here.  Mac users click here.

Step 6:  Paste the URL that you copied from Deezer into the box highlighted in red.  See the image below.  If you want to download and convert multiple Deezer songs then click the "For Multiple URLs" button and paste the URLs one below the other.

Step 7:  Choose the download quality from the "Download Quality" drop down menu.  The default setting is "Best Available".  Choosing a lower level of download quality will result in a poorer quality but a smaller MP3 file size.

Step 8:  Choose the location to which the MP3 file will be saved.  Click the yellow "Folder" icon and then choose the folder.

Step 9:  Check the "Automatically Convert to" box and click the drop down menu.  Then choose General Audio ► MP3.  See the image below.

Step 10:  Choose the "Conversion Quality".  A higher level of conversion quality will result in a better quality but bigger MP3 file size.

Step 11:  Click the download button.  See the image below.

Step 12:  The "Activity" tab of the software interface will show the download and conversion progress.  See the image below.  This may take a few moments to start so please be patient.  When the downloading and converting has finished click the yellow "folder" icon to view your downloaded and converted MP3.

And that's it.  That's how quick and easy it is to download any Deezer song and convert it to MP3 (or any other popular audio file format).

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  1. Through the SnapTube app I can download any music on my phone directly...